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Minnesota Bike Trails



Minnesota bike trails provide a great escape into the Land of 10,000 Lakes. Minnesota has steep hills and streams that cut into the bedrock in its southeast corner. The state has lakes and rivers throughout, which create great mountain bike trails. Road bikers can enjoy miles and miles of paved bike paths. The variety is wonderful for biking. Browse through the trails below to find more information about bike trails in Minnesota. And of course, enjoy your ride.

You should also be aware of the bicycle shops and bike dealers where you travel just in case you need to pick up some new gear.  For a list of Minnesota bike shops and dealers, please visit the Minnesota Bike Shops page on US Bike Trails.
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Agassiz City: Ulen to Crookston
Distance: 53 Miles
Trail Terrain: forest, protected wetlands, grassy dunes, cropland
Type: Mountain Biking

Afton Alps Ski Area

City: Afton
County: Washington
Distance: 8 Miles
Trail Terrain: Single Track 60%, Dual Track 40%
Type: Mountain Biking
Arrowhead State Trail City: International Falls
Distance: 135 Miles (86 miles natural for bikes)
Trail Terrain: flat, forest, rolling hills, lakes, streams
Type: Mountain biking; hiking; horseback riding; snowmobiling

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Battle Creek Regional Park - Mountain Bike Trail

City: St. Paul
County: Ramsey
Distance: 4.5 Miles
Trail Terrain: Single Track
Type: Mountain Biking
The Blazing Star State Trail City: Albert Lea, Austin
Distance: 20 Miles
Terrain: rolling hills; scenic vistas
Type: Biking; hiking; in-line skating; cross country skiing

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